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I used to be like “I wonder what would happen if I set this thing on fire” and since then I’ve learned that more often than not the answer is “it’ll be on fire”

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ok someone needs to tell marvel to stop spending money on air time for promoting their movies. just use the internet. and by that i mean there needs to be an official marvel vine account where there are 6 second in-character videos. can we please

chead asked:
hey what's up with the "!" in fandoms? i.e. "fat!<thing>" just curious thaxxx <3





I have asked this myself in the past and never gotten an answer.

Maybe today will be the day we are both finally enlightened.

It’s a way of referring to particular variations of (usually) a character — dark!Will, junkie!Sherlock, et cetera. I have suspected for a while that it originated from some archive system that didn’t accommodate spaces in its tags, so to make common interpretations/versions of the characters searchable, people started jamming the words together with an infix.

(Lately I’ve seen people use the ! notation when the suffix isn’t the full name, but is actually the second part of a common fandom portmanteau. This bothers me a lot but it happens, so it’s worth being aware of.)

Bang paths (“!” is called a “bang” when not used for emphasis) were the first addressing scheme for email, before modern automatic routing was set up. If you wanted to write a mail to the Steve here in Engineering, you just wrote “Steve” in the to: field and the computer sent it to the local account named Steve. But if it was Steve over in the physics department, you wrote it to phys!Steve; the computer sent it to the “phys” computer, which sent it in turn to the Steve account. To get Steve in the Art department over at NYU, you wrote NYU!art!Steve—your computer sends it to the NYU gateway computer sends it to the “art” computer sends it to the Steve account, etc. (The “!” symbol was chosen because it was on the keyboard, not too visually noisy, and not used for a huge lot already.)

It became pretty standard jargon, as I understand, to disambiguate when writing to other humans. First phys!Steve vs. the Steve right next to you, just as if you were talking to the machine, then getting looser (as jargon does) to reference, say, bearded!Steve vs bald!Steve.

So I’m guessing alternate character version tags probably came from that.

history! :D


i was literally terrified to do the lettering but omg it came out really good i’m YELLING


i was literally terrified to do the lettering but omg it came out really good i’m YELLING

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things simon and kieren need to do in my roadtrip au:

  • simon singing “addictive” by royalrepublic to kieren in a very serious tone (i’M A DICK DICK DICK DICK DICK …DICTIVE TO YOUUU)
  • simon and kieren finally wanting to travel and buying a DB ticket to berlin but as always DB fucks up and they end up in munich, bavaria and have nothing better to do than go to oktoberfest and get a real taste of german culture
  • them going to playmobile land???? a shitty bavarian rip off of lego laND?????ß?
  • if simon doesn’t join the schützenfest i will eat my shoe ok
  • simon is rly annoyed w/ the germans pronounce his name
  • the locals however completely give up w/ kieren’s name and just call him “du da”
  • anything else nonbinarysteverogers and mrsolpi????


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when covering a song, dont change the pronouns to make the song less gay, change them to make it more gay. turn every boring straight love song into a beautiful gay one. fill the world with homo.

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I’m so glad this infographic exists.


I’m so glad this infographic exists.

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remember that girl you called fat?

she doesn’t care. at all. you don’t matter to her.

imagine that


everyones getting in relationships and I can’t even find my other sock


breakfast for dinner is fun when you’re a kid but when you’re an adult it’s just like “yo i ate lunch at 5 PM today and linear time is functionally meaningless”

what’s your favorite thing to do to stay active?

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It’s only 9am and I already befriended a dog AND a cat
This day has already been successful